02 November 2012

So...I've been tagged...again

Thank you, Miss Jack Lewis Baillot.
I have to answer the 11 questions, write 11 things about myself, ask 11 questions, and tag 11 people.

1.) If you spent a week with Sherlock, would you want to punch him by the end of it?
     I would enjoy the company of a like-minded person. But I would still punch him.

2.) Is your name Rick?
     Is it?

3.) Did you get what that was from?
     The only things I can think of are the television show 'Castle', and old Saturday Night Live. "Rick? Rick!? RI-ICK!?"

4.) Have you ever turned your mum into a bear?
     Well...there was this one time...but I didnae mean to, I promise.

5.) Have you ever sailed on the Jammy Dodger?
     Ah, memories...

6.) When you met Hook, did you ask to shake his hand?
     No. He asked me.

7.) Would you wear a fez?
     I would try...but it wouldn't fit over my hair. I'm not kidding.

8.) You met a man named John Smith, what would you do?
     Say I was Martha Jones.

9.) Are you a spy?
     Sorry. That's classified.

10.) Do you have to kill me now that I know?
      So it has come to this.

11.) Are you rude and not ginger?
      I'm rude and ginger. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Eleven things about myself:

1.) I 've been writing on this blog for over a year now (and I can't believe it's been that long)

2.) I love snow. And it's snowing right now for the first time this season.

3.) I enjoy listening to opera. (I'm listening to it right now, actually)

4.) One of my best friends sings opera very well.

5.) I despise Christmas music. Except Handel's Messiah.

6.) I don't prefer to text.

7.) I would wear a kilt if I had the opportunity.

8.) I perform many social experiments. The other day, I dressed up very Steampunk-like, and walked around a store. Two little girls were leaving the store with their father, and they too, were wearing floor length costume dresses. They said, "Look daddy! She dressed up too!"

9.) Yesterday, I wore a deerstalker hat (more commonly known as a 'Sherlock Holmes hat) when I went grocery shopping. Oh, the looks people gave me. It was hilarious!

10.) I wrapped my friend's car with plastic wrap.

11.) I dare disturb the universe.

And eleven questions....

1.) Are you and I mad?

2.) Do you read nonfiction for fun?

3.) How do you feel about opera?

4.) Are you human?

5.) When you traveled to Saturn, what did you find?

6.) What would you do if the people in your television walked into your living room?

7.) Are you a pumpkin - eater?

8.) Have you developed an immunity to iocane?

9.) Under what circumstances did you join the Dread Pirate Roberts' crew?

10.) If you bumped into Adolf Hitler, what would you say to him?

11.) Why are you staring at my nose?

And I tag anyone that dares disturb the universe.

Be bold, my friends.