24 December 2012

Happy Christmas Eve!

So, according to my sister, under the right circumstances, her Christmas gift to me could kill me. So if none of you hear from me again, that's probably what happened to me.

Either that, or it was my Christmas tree...

20 December 2012

A Giveaway

The Ink Slinger is giving away a copy of the Hobbit soundtrack and the soundtrack for the latest Batman movie HERE.

15 December 2012

Dream the Second: Tornado

This is a second-person story adaptation of a dream I once had. Enjoy!

Picture this: All around you is dry grass and weeds. Fields as far as your eyes can see. There are no trees. No bushes. No roads. Just you. And your family. And your new, huge, house. You just moved all of your possessions into the garage, and now you're taking a break outside, watching the clouds.

Suddenly, the clouds don't look so white anymore. No. They're turning dark, menacing, grey. Then, eventually, black. As far as you can see. No sun. No blue. Just black and green.

"Look!" someone in your family shouts, pointing to the horizon on the far right.

You look.

Someone else gasps.

An angry column of swirling, greyish-blackness is storming your way. Straight to your family. And your new house.

Everyone freezes for a moment.

Then they start yelling. Running into the house, the hallway.

Which is glass.

The hallway is glass.

There is nothing you can do.

Nowhere else to run.

The basement is too far away, cut off from you, and the other places are no sturdier than the hallway.

You pray for protection, and wait.

The tornado comes.

And stops. Right in front of your refuge.

You stare, heart pounding.

"No. Way. No flippin' way." you say, watching the tornado dissipate right in front of your eyes.


13 December 2012



A few weeks ago, my mom, sister, and I felt particularly mischevious, so we saran-wrapped a friend's car.


His mom and sisters died laughing. Then they wrote on it with sharpies (on the plastic, of course...)

04 December 2012

Once Upon a Dream (or, dream the first)

At church, we were throwing an anniversary party for our former pastor and his wife. Nearly everyone was helping with the setup, so we finished quickly. When my help was no longer needed, I started to leave, but someone ran up to me and said:

"Wait!! You forgot your tip card!" (random, I know) True enough, it had fallen out of my pocket. I thanked the person, and continued on my way when I saw one of my friends walking to her car. She was of medium height with really long, curly black hair (like Clara from Back to the Future III). The only odd thing was that she had purple ribbons with pink frosting roses on them in her hair.

Then, I was tall, had long very red hair, and green eyes. The scariest part: I was wearing a dress. Like a tunic. (Yes, I was a girl in this dream)

My friend and I were riding on a motorcycle through the woods. We stopped and moved some logs. Part of one (a squarish piece about the size of my palm) fell of and my friend tossed it to me. When I caught it, It changed to a sword hilt. The blade was long and intricate, but transluscent and sparkly gold.

I walked over to a clearing where I saw figures walking around. They too were transluscent sparkly gold and looked like they walked out of a fairytale. My friend walked up too, but couldn't see them. It turns out that I was one of them, but I didn't know it.

(Those people were called "The Enchanted Folk" and were driven out by "The Normal Folk". The Normal could only see the Enchanted if the Enchanted let them. They, explained all of this to my friend and I)

Then, an Enchanted girl stepped forward. (She looked like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter) She told us that we were to go to dinner at the leader of the Normals house and find out what we could about their plans. While we were there, a dog started barking, and I woke up to my own dog barking.