24 March 2013


Lightning danced.
Thunder growled.
Moon hid.
Rain fell quietly onto the street.
Falling, falling, swirling, splat.
Sphere, teardrop, circle, splat.
Twisting, turning, twirling, splat.
Puddles ,splashes, gutters, spat.
Footsteps, muffled, secrets, hid.
Running, shouting, yelling, pursuit.
Slamming, tipping, crashing, clash.
Racing, pursuing, escaping, caught.

21 March 2013

A reason why I despise cats

One of my best friends has seven. All indoor. Whenever I go over to her house, I see movement in the corner of my eye, but as soon as I turn, it's gone.
Then I see a tail sticking out a few feet away. And another. And another.

Sometimes there is nothing.
And I have an extremely vivid imagination.
Which means that there is never nothing.