18 April 2013


The cold, wet air clung to my skin.

Freezing needles of water stung my face.
         Rain or snow, I could not tell.

    Wind whistled, knocking bare branches together like a fifth-grade percussion section.

As I strode down the driveway, the wind whipping at my hair, filling my cloak like the sails of a man-of-war.

    I stopped walking and closed my eyes.

First, I was standing on the balcony of a palace overlooking rolling plains.
     It was sundown, but instead of colors streaked across the sky, I saw only forbidding clouds.
                         Approaching like a prowling wolf.

The wind slammed into me, yelling into my ears, 
      "Run! Run while you can, before it's too late!"

Then, I stood at the bow of a mighty ship.
     A man-of-war.

Nefarious clouds glared at me from the horizon, the baleful scowl warning me to 'beware'.

    A cold breeze whispered into my ear,
             "Beware, for I am coming! Beware! Beware the mighty storm!"

Then, without warning, the cold breeze grew into a mighty gale, barreling into me.

It threw back my deep hood, cloak billowing behind me, as it had never done before.
My arms grew goosebumps.
Wind drew his icy fingers down my back, chilling me to the bone.
As I turned to return to the main deck, I heard once more, a chilling whisper:
    "Beware! Beware the mighty storm!"

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