01 April 2013

Another Dream

In this dream I was a man, about 23 years old, I think.
It was sometime in the early 1800s.
Anyway, the entire British Government was after me for something I did not do.
After quite a while eluding them, they caught me after an almost-epic chase (but only because someone tripped me most unfairly).
There was no trial. 
They made me do hard labor for a while. (I think it was at the docks, but it looked more like a canal. It was something like pulling canal boats, but not quite. I have the picture in my mind, but I cannot quite describe it. [EDIT: actually, I recently saw Les Miserables, and the opening scene was uncannily similar, minus the water, the surroundings, and all of the singing. Here's the clip of the opening scene:])

 During this, a fellow unfortunate was complaining about his life and how hard it was and how much he had suffered, et cetera, et cetera. So, during a short break, I pulled off my gloves and rolled up my sleeves and showed him my arms. They were partially black from an incident involving tar that I had to go through to escape the British Regulars. (Oddly enough, I had all of the scars that I have in real life, but they were almost a purplish color, and they, along with the scars I had acquired in the dream, really stood out.)
A while later, the Brits got in a war with France (It seemed WWI-like, based on the uniforms and equipment), and they forced me into their army.
Needless to say, everyone hated me, except for a friend that I have in real life (Williams) who was also there for an unknown reason.
The commander despised me and took every opportunity to make my existence miserable.
Towards the end of  the dream, he was separating our group into two.
In order to do so, he had us take off our boots and set them on the floor in front of us with the tops open.
Those who could jump into them on the first try were sent to one place on the front, and everyone else to a different area.
When I turned to say something to Williams, the commander replaced my boots with a pair much too small for me, but not so small that the difference was noticeable at first glance.
Williams succeeded, but I obviously failed. Just like the commander had planned.
Then I discovered that my father was fighting for the French, and he was killed right in front of me.


  1. The first part was more interesting than terrible, but the last part was awful.

  2. It sounds like something from a movie or book. It would make a brilliant story, but a bad dream to see your father killed. (When I have dreams like this I love waking up and realizing they were just dreams.)

    Oh dear....I just got an opening line for a book...

    Staying up late with ones sister, washing a dog, and watching Tintin cartoons doesn't sound like that bad of a way to pass a night. 8-D

    1. I know, right? I've had lots of weird dreams like that. I'm turning a few of them into short stories that I might consider publishing sometime.

      Ooh..Why is that and "oh dear"?

      It was really great.

  3. @Pathfinder: Haha. You should blog again.

  4. I will, sometime.
    Maybe today. Maybe not.


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